Dear Colleagues and Students,  

The National Academy of Engineering announced the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The committee also emphasized the importance of biomedical and biological engineering, and the need for increased synergy and cooperation between researchers in these fields to fulfill the promise of personalized medicine. Included among these 14 challenges were to Reverse–Engineer the Brain, Engineer better Medicines and Advance Health Informatics.  

Engineering and technological innovations have significantly promoted and advanced scientific discoveries over the last few decades. These innovations have not only been rapid, but have also increased the quality and reduced the cost of healthcare. These scientific discoveries and knowledge have led to a new concept in healthcare, one that calls for the preparation of a new generation of a highly qualified workforce that has a well-rounded understanding of medical and engineering concepts, and is well versed in all the relevant aspects of the above mentioned areas for the new generation healthcare. This also calls for the translation of the new healthcare concept into modified science and engineering curriculums and clinical research. Unfortunately, this is happening at a much slower pace.  

The main objective of the 7th Advanced Institute on Global Healthcare Education is to highlight and discuss how these emerging interests and innovations, including the latest advances in the areas of science, engineering, technology and medicine, can be translated into cutting-edge healthcare curriculums that could address this emerging need. The institute has traditionally provided a unique environment to discuss the emerging healthcare research and educational needs, challenges and opportunities, and has yielded very fruitful discussions and informative reports. This year, we wish to put our focus on education in this emerging area.  


We look forward to seeing you in Boston !

Metin Akay, Co-Chair          Paul Sajda, Program Co-Chair
Frank Doyle, Co-Chair         Paolo Bonato, Program Co-Chair